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What are your Warranty Policies?

All of our Valve Bodies come with a Standard 1 Year Warranty(Unlimited Mileage) and an extended Lifetime Warranty is available for purchase at checkout. For detailed Warranty information please refer to our Warranty Info page.

Do you charge a Core Charge?

All of our valve bodies are listed without the Core Charge added to the price so you can see what your end cost will be. Once you add the valve body to the cart the core charge will be added to the total. Core Charges are listed in the item information fields and product description.

Our valve bodies include a prepaid FedEx Ground shipping label to return your core to our rebuild center. Once you receive your new valve body simply place your old one in the box your new one arrives in, attach the prepaid label and drop it off at a FedEx location. Once we receive and process your core your Core Charge will be refunded to you through the payment method you chose.

What is a Core Charge?

A Core Charge is a deposit you pay on a purchased part to ensure that you return your old, defective part to us after you install the new one. Once you return your old part(free prepaid label is included) the Core Charge is returned to you. It is common practice in the auto parts industry when it comes to re-manufactured parts and it helps make sure the next person can get the part they need.

What is Rebuild and Return Service(R+R)?

Our Rebuild and Return Service is a service we offer where you ship us your valve body, we rebuild it, update it, test it and then return it to you. We offer this in cases where cores have become difficult or impossible to obtain.

What is a TCM?

A TCM is an acronym that stands for Transmission Control Module. The Transmission Control Module is the computer that controls the transmission. In the past decade or so manufacturers have started to mount the TCM on top of the valve body, which has lead to some reliability issues.

What is a Mechatronic Unit?

A Mechatronic Unit is a new term developed by the auto industry that combines the words 'mechanical' and 'electronic' to describe the combination of the Valve Body and Transmission Control Module. Now that the TCM is mounted on top of most valve bodies they are now referred to as Mechatronic Units by manufacturers.